Wines and techniques

Saplings planted 60/70 years ago, both primitive and negroamaro, are,  in the design of “La Torretta” (The Turret), first and irreplaceable tool to produce wines that we have set ourselves.

La Torretta does not just collect the precious product of these wonders of Salento wine,  which for economic reasons are becoming rarer, but from the management of vineyards to the techniques of vinification,  carries out a range of activities exclusively guided by obtaining a product of the highest quality.

Pruning, continuous and constant thinning and cleaning of clusters, minimum use of non-natural ingredients, absence of fertilization and irrigation,  three selections made during the harvest , soft pressing, fermentation in open vats for 15 , with pressing and manual pumping, at a temperature of 23 ° / 25 ° for 3 or 4 weeks , provide a product to “La Torretta” which is alive, healthy and of an extraordinary organoleptic quality.

MITI, Primitivo di Manduria, ENNE, Negroamaro RED, FUE’ Negroamaro Rosè, the wines produced by La Torretta,  recall to the nose the “terroir” they come from, but where  you can fully appreciate  all the power and opulence of flavours is on  the palate, where you value also the elegance and sophistications of the bouquet.