the company and the terroir

The fusion between the visionary passion of  Fulvio Rapanà (whose great-grandfather "patrunu Luigi Grasso " was a wine producer in the early 1900s in Campi Salentina)  and the professional talent of Massimo Tripaldi (a well established winemaker) have given birth to La TORRETTA (The Turret)

Passion and skill are used to create wines, with recovery of vinification technique, now almost lost in time,  but that have always exalted the flavor and bouquet of the wines, and that represent the " terroir" and therefore the power and opulence of the sun and the Salento red soil.

The location between the towns of Manduria , Guagnano, Lizzano and Torricella, close to the typical area of both the Primitivo and Negramaro with vineyards located three kilometers from the sea, fully satisfies the icon of a viticulture with his head in the sun and feet in the blue of the Ionian sea, on which reflects the Zozzoli Tower , a watchtower against the Saracens of 1400th which  gives its name to the whole area.

The south-easter wind blowing for most of the days  over the vineyards, bringing  the moods and flavor of the Ionian Sea, which help to create  a Wine with extraordinary organoleptic properties.

These particular climatic conditions allow La Torretta to produce wines, powerful yet elegant, vigorous but also soft, never aggressive in the nose or on the palate, from grapes of Primitivo (MITI) both from the grapes of Negramaro (NICKÈ and FUÈ).

La Torretta for the type of selection of the grapes on the vines, 22/25 per hectare, and the manual process of vinifications, has a niche production: 25.000 bottles per year.